baby shower gift baskets: the perfect baby shower gift


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 Baby shower gift baskets: 

When it comes to giving gifts at baby showers, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the choices available.

We all intend to make sure we pick something that will come in handy for the mommy-to-be and her new baby, but with all the new baby gadgets out there, it can sometimes get more complicated than we’d like it to be. 

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Giving a baby shower gift basket full of things that will be useful, however, is probably an idea you can’t go wrong with.

You could put one together yourself or easily order one online or better yet, browse through a store and see all the different varieties for yourself and pick the one that you feel the new mommy will truly appreciate.

Whether it has just a few essentials, or a whole bunch of mommy/baby items, it would be best to choose something that you know will truly be useful. 

Here are some great ideas that could help you create or purchase a baby shower gift basket: 

Baby boy essentials baby shower gift basket

No doubt this will get you thinking about all things blue – but a happy, cheerful basket of blue gifts is what we have in mind. A set of bodysuits with matching bibs, receiving blankets, caps and mittens would be perfect.

You can pick something that’s pre-made or go shopping for some matching stripes and solids in shades of blue! Tuck in a cute little teddy and wrap it up in some blue net and you have yourself a gift the mommy-to-be will be delighted with! 

Baby girl’s arrival gift basket

Once again, this gift basket could carry the essentials such as bodysuits and matching mittens and caps but adding a pair of sleep sacks could also be a great idea. Pick your colors with pink and white being a popular choice or pair up your pink with gray and add in a cuddly toy as well. 

Baby bathtub gift basket

Making bath time fun and easy is something the mommy-to-be must be anxious about since day one!

Help her out by presenting her with a gift bucket filled with bath time essentials such as baby shampoo, moisturizer, soaps, washcloths and a set of towels.

Go neutral with a yellow duck theme, for example and add some cute rubber duckies that will cheer up the baby when bath time gets a bit stressful! 

Welcome to the jungle gift basket

Now we don’t really want to overwhelm a new baby entering the world by calling it a jungle but a fun animal themed gift basket wouldn’t just look adorable but would be fun to use as well.

Pick some cute animal themed outfit and add matching accessories along with a plush toy, such as a cuddly elephant or a cute little monkey.

A cane basket or wicker container would look perfect for this themed gift basket for a baby shower and could later be used for the baby’s nursery as well. 

Bedtime gift basket for a new baby

amazon bedtime baby gift basket

When it’s time to put the baby down for a good night’s sleep, a new mommy would truly appreciate having a beautiful set of crib sheets, a matching blanket and plush toy for her baby to cuddle with.

A sleepy time lotion and a sleep sack would be an added bonus in this gift basket. Navy blue and gray would be a great combination for a new little boy whereas pink and gray would go perfectly for a girl.

And in case you want to keep it neutral, what better than a soft yellow that would definitely make the nursery look more cheerful too! A bedtime story book is the perfect little add-on for a bedtime gift basket. 

Baby storage gift basket

As cute as little wicker baskets or tin tubs might be, a storage basket is something that every mommy-to-be would have on her list. Choose something neutral that could fit right in to any nursery and fill it up with some more storage options such as mitten and socks pouches or washcloth organizers or closet dividers and you will have a pretty and practical gift ready to go! 

Meal time gift basket

So the baby won’t be ready to start nibbling on food for a new months but that’s okay – better to have everything at hand for when the time arrives! Use a big plastic bowl or tub as your basket and fill it up with bright colored baby spoons and bowls, a sippy cup or two and let’s not forget the sets of bibs and burp cloths that can be used since day one! 

Hope these ideas help you choose the perfect baby shower gift basket for the shower you’re heading to.

Go for something that will not just look perfect on the gift table but will also be practical for when the time comes for the baby to arrive.

The mommy-to-be will undoubtedly find all these ideas adorable and will be grateful she can cross them off her list to get!