The Cutest Succulent & Cactus Party Ideas 

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This adorable "Taco Bout A Baby" baby shower theme is our favorite! Such a unique ideas that everyone will love!

And setting up a taco bar is easy and low-maintenance. Serve chicken and beef in crockpots and have all of the sides in cute bowls. Cheese, tomatoes, guac, olives, jalapeños, sour cream, beans, rice, lettuce…. yum!

Fiesta, Taco, Southwestern Baby Shower Ideas

Taco Bout A Baby Theme For A Baby Shower

You can get all of the "TACO BOUT A BABY' supplies here.

Below are tons of easy succulent and cactus party ideas that you will fall in love with!

This prickly party theme is so popular right now - it is versatile and can be an adorable theme for a cactus-themed birthday party, a cactus baby shower or a wild and crazy fiesta!

The cactus theme also goes well and is often combined with the boho tribal theme - arrows, tents, feathers, mountains, etc.

easy diy cactus pretzel rods

These Cactus Pretzel Rods are so easy to make! Melt White chocolate, add green food coloring, dip pretzel rods in melted chocolate and let dry on waxed paper. You can also add white sprinkles.


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Printable "Watch Me Grow" Favor Tags

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Easy, DIY Cactus Balloons

cactus and succulent party ideas

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cactus and succulent party ideas

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Who knew you could easily create adorable cactus balloons by simply writing on them with Sharpie markers?

All you have to do is purchase plain, green latex balloons and plain, green Mylar balloons - make V shapes or small straight lines all of the balloons.

See an easy, DIY cactus tutorial here.

Popular Succulent Baby Shower Favors

Succulent baby shower favor ideas

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What a wonderful idea for baby shower favors! Everyone will love taking these cuties home. Simply wrap mini pots with succulents in them with thin kraft paper and tie with some twine.

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Live Succulent Favors

Cactus Throw Pillow: Perfect For A Gift or Party Decor

cactus throw pillow

Decorate your cactus baby shower, birthday party or fiesta with these trendy cactus pillows!

They also make perfect birthday or shower gifts and would look great as bedroom decor in a little girl's room.

The colors are so light and cheerful -  and the pillow looks so squishy and soft. 

Cutest Cactus Cake

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When I saw this sweet little cactus cake, I just knew I had to share it with you! It is the cutest!

If you are just as in love with this cake and must have one for your party, I would suggest taking a picture of it to a local bakery and asking them to reproduce it.

Be sure to check Yelp when searching for bakeries and cake makers - they include home businesses as well, which usually are happy to take custom orders and requests, and may not be as busy as a storefront bakery.

Watermelon Cactus Fruit Platter

picture of watermelon cactus fruit platter

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To make this amazing cactus fruit tray,

  • all you have to do is purchase a long watermelon
  • cut the bottom end of the watermelon off to make a flat surface for it to sit on
  • set the watermelon on a large platter
  • poke 2 cucumbers into each each side (using wooden skewers.)
  • poke toothpicks all over the watermelon. 
  • add chopped fruit all around the plate

Easy, DIY Cactus Cupcakes

cactus and succulent party ideas

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For a simple and creative way to serve cupcakes, frost them green and arrange in the pattern above to make a cute cactus.

Cactus Tea Lights: Baby Shower Or Birthday Party Favor Idea

picture of cactus tea lights

Bundle up these cute cactus tea light candles, add a cute favor tag and give to party guests as favors!

So cute and guests will love them. You can even include a little candle holder if you'd like. Decorate your party with them too!

Adorable Cactus Plates & Supplies

cactus and succulent party ideas and supplies

Serve guests in style with adorable cactus party supplies! These are the coolest cactus plates - and the matching napkins complete the cool cactus look!

Cactus Cookie Cutters

cactus and succulent party ideas and supplies

There are several uses for this cactus cookie cutter!

  • the most obvious is make frosted, cactus-shaped sugar cookies. Give away as favors or serve as treats
  • cut sandwiches into cactus shapes
  • cut cheese into cactus shapes
  • cut watermelon into cactus shapes

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