Jungle Baby Shower

Born to be Wild: Safari Jungle baby shower

Are you going wild with excitement and anticipation for the safari themed baby shower you are about to host? 

If so, get ready to start planning the cutest jungle baby shower ever! Friends and family will be so impressed and ready to celebrate the lucky mama-to-be!

Baby showers are always a colorful event with a lot of lively laughter, creative games and delicious treats.

But bring a bunch of wild animal and jungle props into your theme and décor, and the vibe instantly gets even more jovial! 

baby shower decor: Setting up the jungle

Whether you opt to host your safari themed baby shower outdoors or keep it inside, plants can be your biggest help!

Lots of natural green to set your surroundings with and then depending on how colorful you want to go, you bring in your props and decorations. 

Once you have lined up some plants around your venue, further the green tone with palm tree garlands and palm tree leaves hanging in prominent spots.

Straw grass table skirts could work for your food table as well as any drinks and gift tables you plan to set up.

Green, gold and black balloons could work for a more subtle décor while cheetah, leopard and zebra printed balloons would be great if you want to go all out with the safari themed baby shower.

For centerpieces you could use wild flowers in slim glass vases or continue with the jungle fever and use stuffed animals that could later be used for the baby’s nursery.

baby shower Treats in the jungle

Your safari themed baby shower can’t be complete without a table full of delicious food.

For easy starters and finger foods, you could make pretzel sticks coated in orange and brown chocolate to create tiger stripes - or dark brown and white chocolate to create zebra stripes.

You could also make striped chocolate brownies to look like  zebra cakes. 

Hummus dip with thin strips of colorful peppers and pineapple chunks on skewers would look so cute in your setting while animal crackers and mixed trail could be great options for snacks.

Spinach wraps, skewered shrimp and cheese and deli meats served on a rustic wood board will definitely be loved by the guests, as would a colorful dessert table.

Do you plan to offer your guests traditional desserts or do you want to get creative with your safari themed sweet treats?

Either way, there are tons of options that could be set up in large palm leaves or bamboo platters.

Animal faced cake pops, cupcakes with green and orange frosting, safari-themed cookies and a platter full of colorful fruits would complete your table.

Tropical fruit drinks and juices would be the perfect drinks that don’t require too much effort to preparation to serve!

For the cake, you can opt for a colorful safari theme with wild animals adoring multiple layers or you could opt for a more subtle single layered cake with palm leaves around the edging. 

Jungle baby shower invitations, Thank you notes and favors

Safari themed baby shower favors are such a hit with guests.

You can pack mini animal shaped candles, palm tree shaped soaps, fruity candies or even animal crackers with thank you notes for friends and family.

A baby shower is always exciting, so whether you plan to create the props and food items yourself, order them or do a bit of both, you and your guests are in for a celebration that is sure to make everyone glad to be there!