How To Host A Jungle
Safari Baby Shower Like A Pro!

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jungle themed girl baby shower

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If you want to make your Jungle Safari Baby Shower one to remember!

Start off with some amazingly crafty jungle themed centerpieces!

Grab a slab of wood, add some rustic mason jars, tie on some pretty flowers such as baby's breathe, spray paint several plastic, jungle animals - and you're good to go!

baby shower jungle safari centerpiecesimage source: unknown

Printable Jungle Safari Baby Shower Game Pack

jungle safari baby shower centerpieces

img source: unknown

Head over to your local craft store, or search online - for some faux jungle style foliage - Add to a vase and tie a cool ribbon around the vase! Instant jungle cuteness!

jungle foliage leaves

You can grab this cute foliage at amazon

The super-cute and stylish "Safari Baby Shower" below, is full of jungle-inspired creativity! 

All of the cuteness below was created by Carol, a talented party planner that I stumbled across from Partylicious Events!

Readers love this theme! Carol did such a great job planning this jungle baby shower,  that it is the 3rd most popular page on our site!

The details are stunning and it is amazing how she transforms simple items such as lollipops and marshmallows into cute works of art! This just goes to show you that you don't have to spend a fortune to make a fabulous impression! Enjoy this jungle, safari baby shower!

The Cutest Jungle Baby Shower Ideas

jungle safari gold glitter cupcake toppers

Instead of going with a fancy cake that costs a fortune, or is extremely complicated to make, why not go the cupcake route!

All you have to do is make some yummy cupcakes, frost and poke in some cute cupcake toppers to match your theme!

These jungle safari cupcake toppers are so cute - I love the gold glitter! You can find these cuties here.

Printable Jungle Baby Shower Guessing Game - Fill a bottle with candy and have guests guess how many pieces are in the bottle.

The one to come the closest, wins a prize! Click on pic to see.

Jungle Baby Shower Balloon Decorations

Jungle Baby Shower Balloon Decorationsjungle safari balloon arch baby shower decor: image source: Pinterest (original source unknown)

This is the cutest jungle baby shower decor! You can easily make the balloon arch by using this cool gadget from Amazon.

I love the pastel colored balloons they used and the large jungle animals can be found here.

picture of safari baby shower

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page because we have some FREE printable elephant jungle decorations! We made them just for you as a way to say thanks for visiting our website - and to help your planning go a little smoother!

jungle baby shower banner

The aqua, lime and chocolate color scheme is so cute. I love how these colors are incorporated into every little detail! It really gives the party a clean, crisp and professional look!

picture of safari baby shower food ideas

Yum! Chocolate dipped Oreo's to match the theme colors ~ the perfect party favor! These are so easy to make and you can do the same thing with pretzels too! (melt white chocolate in microwave, add desired color of food coloring, dip Oreo's into the chocolate and let dry on wax paper)

image of jungle baby shower favors

Cute lollipops wrapped in colored tissue paper ~ I love the labels and ribbon she used!

picture of a jungle baby shower dessert table
picture of a jungle baby shower flower centerpiece

image of a centerpiece for a safari baby shower

If you can't tell, I am absolutely in love with this baby shower theme!

A big thanks to Partylicious Events for letting us share this adorable Safari, Jungle Baby Shower!

{FREE Printable Elephant Decorations}

picture of free elephant clipart

There are soo many fun and creative uses for these printable elephant clipart! Simply click on the picture to open and print. These look great when printed onto white card stock.

  • Print onto white card stock, cut out each elephant and attach wooden skewers, lollipop sticks or toothpicks to the back of each one (using clear tape) Poke into baby shower cupcakes, cakes, diaper cakes, flower bouquets, food dishes and more!

  •  Make some cute baby shower garland! Punch holes into cutouts, string onto clear fishing line and hang from the ceiling, mantel,  over the food table or across the present table.

  • Print onto full label sheets (sticker paper), cut out and stick on baby shower punch cups, coffee cups, water bottles, pillar candles, mason jars, vases, etc!

  • Another clever use for the elephants, if you choose to print them on sticker paper, is to cut them out and stick on card stock to make favor tags, gift bag/prize tags, thank you cards and baby shower invitations!

Jungle Baby Shower Food & Decor Ideas

  • Place tiki torches all around (if it is an outdoor baby shower)

  • Look for big leaves and greenery at your local craft store to give your party a jungle feel

  • Hand out safari hats

  • Have a bon fire

  • Play safari-style jungle music

  • Serve mock Mai Tai's for the mom-to-be (and real one's for the guests!)

  • Have a BBQ with teriyaki chicken and pineapple skewers served over rice.

  • We have several cute jungle cakes in our cake gallery to inspire you! (click on pictures to see the cute cakes and get instructions for making them!)

Jungle Party Supplies

Hop over to our shop to see all of our printable jungle-themed baby shower supplies and games!