Cute Ladybug Baby Shower Ideas

The talented Glory, from Glorious Treats, recently hosted this adorable Ladybug party for her daughter's 4th birthday.

Every little detail is perfect and we thought it would make a wonderful ladybug baby shower as well!

Look below for beautiful ladybug baby shower inspiration!

ladybug baby shower

The party decorations used in this ladybug celebration are simply stunning! We love the bold red and black colors as well as the splashes of green sprinkled throughout. The tulips give the table a fresh, colorful garden feel.

ladybug baby shower

Cute ladybug cupcake toppers really make the cupcakes come alive! The ladybug cookies are adorable! What a great idea to take mini circle sugar cookies and decorate them to look just like sweet little ladybugs!

lady bug baby shower

Simple really is best. No need to over do things when you can create an amazingly cute food table by adding colorful fruit kabobs and poking little paper flags into sandwiches. {to make the paper flags simply cut out strips of scrapbook paper (you can find 100's of different styles, colors and patterns at your local craft store - find cute patterns to match your party theme) and fold around toothpicks. Secure by using a glue stick} Add cute embellishments such as polka dot table cloths or just use scrapbook paper as a liner under neath your food dishes.

ladybug baby shower ideas
ladybug baby shower

So bright and cheerful! A whole table dedicated to decadent sweet treats including cookies, cupcakes and candy. Then it is balanced out with yummy fruit skewers and circle sandwiches with paper flags poked on top!

I love every little morsel of this party!

A big thanks to Glory, from Glorious Treats, for letting us share her cute creation!

Printable Baby Shower Game

Some more cute ladybug baby shower ideas are:

  • Cut sandwiches into ladybug shapes using a ladybug cookie cutter
  • Wrap pillar candles in a strip of black and red polka dot scrapbook paper
  • Use the same pattern of scrapbook paper for placemats
  • Serve red and black M&M's

red ladybug favors and supplies picture

See tons of cute red ladybug favors and supplies over at our favorite shop, Beau Coup!

Ladybug Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

A flower, bee, butterfly, ladybug party theme is adorable! There are so many cute possibilities! This shower idea works great for an outside day or evening baby shower. Maybe even have a BBQ full of hamburgers, salads and all the fun fixin's!

We have come up with some cute baby shower decoration ideas and have also recommended a few cute supplies from some of our trusted friends!

Cute Ladybug Baby Shower Ideas

  • For table centerpieces/decorations take mason jars and place artifical ivy branches in them, sprinkle pretend ladybugs,
    bees and fireflies in the jar (or glue to ivy leaves). Add a small strand of battery powered twinkle lights (if its an
    evening shower). Place the lid on top and viola! A cute baby shower table decoration! If you're feeling extra crafty, you
    can paint the lid to match the shower colors.
  • Another idea is to paint some terra cotta pots, fill with florists foam, have your local bakery make you some cute ladybug, butterfly and flower cookies with sticks in them, poke into the pots and top with green crinkle paper! You can give them away as prizes too!
  • For a favor idea, paint the lids of baby food jars red with black polka dots (ladybugs) or yellow with black polka dots (bumble bees). Fill the jars with little candies and place the lid on!
  • To make a ladybug cake, bake to round cakes, frost them red, cut the 2nd one in half and place on top of the 1st. Spread the two halves apart to resemble wings. Pipe on some black polka dots and place 2 small pieces of black shoestring licorice in the side of the second cake for antennas.
  • Using butterfly cookie cutters: make butterfly shaped sugar cookies, sandwiches & finger jello
  • Hang butterfly nets in the bushes
  • Float bug, flower or butterfly candles in a pond, birdbath or decorative bowl or tub
  • We found some adorable baby shower supplies from our favorite online shops!

Invitation Wording Ideas For
A Ladybug Baby Shower

Some cute invitation wording ideas are: Fly on over to ______ baby shower -or- Give us a buzz if you can come

One of our readers, Nina, writes: I came up with these Lady Bug Themed Poems for my sister-in-law's 1st baby girl, which we decided to do a lady bug theme :) - Written By Nina from Texas

A little ladybug will soon be here, 

to grace us with such joy & cheer!

She’ll flutter our hearts with love galore, 

a beauty we are sure to adore!! 

So bug on over to celebrate,

this baby’s arrival 

we can hardly wait!    


A little ladybug will soon be here, 

to bless this family so…

She’ll grace us with such joy & cheer,

More than you’ll ever know! 

She’ll flutter our hearts with love galore, 

and enchant our home with bliss…

A beauty we are sure to adore,

too fascinating to miss!   

So bug on over to celebrate,

This precious baby girl…

A moment we can hardly wait,    

to share it with the world! 


Don’t miss it for the world! 


I am planning a baby shower for my best friend of 15 years! She loves ladybugs and that is the theme.  She had a little trouble becoming pregnant and wasn't sure it would ever happen. She was in total shock when she found out and is too excited for words! 

I wanted to some how write the invitation by putting the miracle and/or luck together with ladybugs and I can't seem to do it........!  I would love some help! Thank you much, Amanda.

Ladybug Invitation Wording Ideas From Readers:

• We are tickled pink and happy to say a little lady is on her way.

• I did a ladybug themed shower for my sister and her invitations had a lady bug on them and said "Heard the buzz? A new little lady is on her way!" followed by the "Join us for a shower honoring..." and details.

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