The Cutest DIY Balloon Arch

by Shelley
(Fairfax, VA)

pastel balloon arch

pastel balloon arch

For a fun, affordable and easy DIY decoration idea - make a DIY Baby Shower Balloon Arch! I know that they look super intimidating, but believe me - I am not what you would consider "crafty" at all - and I was able to pull it off!

And... it was a huge hit at my best friend's baby shower! So many sweet compliments and my bestie loved it! People actually thought I paid to have it made. It was surprisingly simple to make, and it added such a pop of color to the party.

Here's how we did it (my hubby and I): First, we picked out a color scheme that matched the theme of the shower. We went with soft pastels like pink, blue, and yellow. We ordered a balloon arch kit from Amazon that included a variety of balloons in different sizes to give the arch some dimension. Thee kit contains everything you need and was so handy. Just search 'balloon arch kit' and you see so many cute options.

To create the arch, we used a balloon decorating strip, which is basically a long plastic strip with holes to hold the balloons in place. We started by blowing up the balloons to different sizes and tying them off. Then, we threaded the balloon knots through the holes in the strip, alternating colors and sizes to create a balanced look.

Once we had the balloons in place, we used command hooks to attach the strip to the wall behind the gift table. We added some greenery and flowers to the arch to give it a more natural and elegant look. It turned out beautifully and made a perfect backdrop for photos.

As I mentioned above, guests were really impressed with the balloon arch! It was also a great way to highlight the gift table and the mom-to-be. Plus, it was a lot of fun to put together and didn't require any special skills.

So... If you're looking for a simple yet impactful decoration idea for your baby shower, I highly recommend trying a balloon arch. It's such a customizable decoration that can match any theme or color scheme. And you can make them for any occasion - in addition to baby showers - birthdays, retirement parties, anniversaries, bridal showers!

I don't have a picture to share as I am typing this - but I will add some examples that closely resemble the one I made. Oh, and one more thing - I would highly recommend getting a balloon blower upper (in technical terms, ha!) - you can get them on Amazon for around $20.

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