How To Host The Cutest
Adoption Baby Shower Party - or adoption celebration


Whether you are hosting an adoption baby shower for a newborn, or celebrating the adoption of an older child, a party is in order! A big one!

Below are some festive and fun ways to welcome a new child into the family!


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There are many different reasons and scenarios to celebrate when adopting a child. Some examples are:

  • Baby shower before baby arrives
  • Adoption finalization party
  • Adoption welcome party for older child
  • Baby shower / party to celebrate the foster to adopt parents

As a general guideline, if the child is under 2 years old, it is okay to host an adoption baby shower.

If the child is over the age of 2, you should have an adoption celebration party or welcome home party!

Another tip is to wait until the new baby or child has officially been adopted and is living at the house.

This will allow for everyone to meet the new child, and you will know exact clothing sizes, shoe sizes, appropriate toys to get, etc.

Adoption Party Signs Or Child's Room Wall Art

We designed this printable wall art to make your celebration even easier!

Print, frame and use to decorate an adoption celebration, birthday, or room decor. Also makes a perfect gift!

Adoption Party Or Adoption Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Celebrate a new child by including you special family and friends in the event.

Start off the celebration by sending out some beautiful adoption baby shower invitations or party announcements.

You can choose any cute theme idea you wish - and then personalize it with wording for an adoption shower or party.

Some cute and creative adoption wording ideas are below.

adoption gift

Since not all adoption showers or celebrations are for newborns, be sure to include the child's age, gender, clothing size in the adoption invitations. 

Adoption Quotes And Party Invitation Wording Ideas:

  • Adoption is when a child grew in its mommy's heart instead of her tummy.  ~ Author Unknown
  • The adoption is complete - there's a sweet little girl for you to meet
  • The adoption is complete - there's a new little boy for you to meet
  • Worth The Wait
  • However Motherhood Comes To You - It's A Miracle
  • Wanted. Loved, Chosen, Adopted.
  • Dreams Come True - Please Help Us In Celebrating The Arrival Of Our New Little One
  • Families Grow With Love

"Mint To Be" Adoption Baby Shower Favor Idea

banner of mint to be adoption baby shower favors

image source

The "Mint To Be" theme is most commonly used for weddings, but it is also perfect for adoption party favors!

Adoptions are so special and truly are "Mint To Be!"

Adoption Party Ideas For 
Games & Decorations

image for an adoption baby shower sign

image source unknown

What a sweet way to welcome a new child to the family - this adoption baby shower / party sign can be placed at the front door for guests to see when they arrive.

Or you can place on the gift table or hang it on the wall. 

To make this adoption baby party sign, paint the glass portion of a picture frame with chalkboard paint, let dry, write on the frame with chalk pens.

So easy and so adorable!

S'More Love Adoption Party Favors

Bundle up some yummy graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bars for the cutest adoption baby shower favor idea!

Make some "We're adding S'more love to our family" favor tags - and you have the cutest favor idea!

adoption baby shower favors picture

Here is an example of how to package the s'more ingredients up. So cute and easy!

We Found The Missing Piece -
adoption wishes puzzle

image of adoption baby shower advice cards

image source

Puzzle pieces are symbolic of adopting a child - the missing "piece" to the family is finally in place.

This baby shower / adoption party activity is so sweet and will create a keepsake that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Purchase a blank puzzle and have each guest write their advice or words of wisdom on a puzzle piece. Make sure they sign their name so you know who wrote the kind words. 

After the party, the new parents put the puzzle together, preserve it with puzzle saver and hang on the wall in the baby's nursery or child's room.

A Baby Adoption Poem

I didn't give you the gift of life, but in my heart I know. 

The love I feel is deep and real, as if it had been so.

For us to have each other, is like a dream come true.

No, I didn't give you the gift of life,

Life gave me the gift of you.

- author unknown

Adoption Baby Shower Etiquette

We had a reader write in asking if there were any special etiquette rules to follow when dealing with an adoption party / shower.

Our advice was to wait and throw an adoption celebration once the baby or child had been officially adopted - just to make sure all of the paperwork had been finalized.

Also, be sure to include the name, age, gender, where the new parents are registered & clothing / shoe size.

There has been some debate if it is okay to include the clothing and shoe size in the adoption party invitation. Some think it is rude to suggest they bring a gift. Our advice: go with your gut. If you feel like your guest list is laid back and would welcome the helpful info - then by all means, include it. If not, leave it out. 

Adoption Party Cake Ideas

image of adoption party cake

image source

"We Found The Missing Piece" adoption finalization cakes are the perfect way to welcome a precious new child into the family!

The "puzzle piece adoption theme" has become so popular, we just love it!

Adoption Celebration Party Supplies

O'fish'ally Adopted Party Theme

These are the cutest "It's O'Fish'ial adoption party treats! To make them:

  • dip marshmallows in white chocolate that has been melted and colored with blue food coloring
  • poke a lollipop stick into each marshmallow
  • dip the end into crushed graham crackers
  • add a Goldfish Cracker

Adoption Banners & Balloons

it's ofishal adoption baby shower sign banner

image source

Make a mini banner to string over the adoption celebration cake, or make a big one to hang over the mantle.

Other banner wording ideas include:

  • forever family
  • happy gotcha day
  • our story
  • finally complete
  • welcome little one
  • the missing piece
  • worth the wait
  • child of God

Favor Ideas For An Adoption Party

Daniel is o-fish-ally ours! - hand out goldfish crackers in baggies, or fishy soaps or chocolates.


A child sent from Heaven
A child that I call mine.
Though not of our creation
She's our child by God's design.


Worth The Wait


You were born in our hearts


Love makes a family


We wished for you


I made some FREEEE printable favor tags for you - here.

How To Make Balloon Arches

image source unknown

Learn how to transform ordinary balloons into beautiful, baby shower masterpieces! Get the full scoop, here!

Adoption Shower Gift Ideas

Adoption shower gifts image

This beautiful "adoption is a miracle" tapestry makes the perfect adoption party gift! It is printed on canvas and can be hung on the wall. You can get it here

Be sure to visit our Personalized Baby Gifts page for sentimental gifts - perfect for newly adopted babies or children.

Adoption Day Photo Sign

picture of Adoption Day photo signimage source: pinterest (with no link to another website)

This is such a wonderful way to introduce and announce the official day you adopted your little loved one!

The suite this little guy is wearing just melts my heart!

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