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If you're looking for some cute and creative baby announcements, baby poems and wording for baby shower announcements, you have come to the right place!

Having a baby is a huge event in your life. Be sure to announce the arrival of your new little one in style!

We have listed a few of our favorite baby shower poems and verses announcing a new bundle of joy!

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Cute and Clever Baby Poems For Baby Shower Announcements

  • Our home has grown by two feet
  • Oh Joy! It's A Boy!
  • Boy Oh Boy!
  • True Blue!
  • Special Delivery!
  • A star is born!
  • We welcome him/her with love, from up above
  • Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice
  • Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails
  • Good things come in small packages
  • The "_____" team has a new player
  • A Giggle, A Curl...A Sweet Little Girl!
  • Giggles and Curls, We Have Two Little Girls!
  • We think babies are so much fun, we decided to have another one!
  • Ships Ahoy, It's A Boy!
  • A New Baby Has Bloomed!
  • Welcome Little One
  • With Joy, We Welcome A New Arrival
  • Little Blessing, Little One, A New Baby Is So Much Fun!
  • Roses are Red,
    Violets are blue,
    Baby Sienna is ready to meet you!
    By Alejandra
  • When my friend at work was announcing her pregnancy, we made pink and blue cupcakes with a sign that said "Pink or Blue...Can You Guess Who??" It was so much fun watching coworkers guess who it was!
    -By Gina
  • Once there were two, soon it will be three please join us to shower with love ________ &_______ new baby.
  • Cute As A Button, And Ever So Dear, Sweet Baby _________ is Finally Here.
    -By Dana

  • Baby Poems: Cute Baby Poem Wording For New Born Baby 

    "Hello, I'm Here"
    I got a cute little nose and big round eyes
    It's created excitement you can't disguise
    I'm a wonderful baby from a perfect pair
    And that's reason enough for me to be here
    I'm a baby girl who knows from the beginning
    How to play life's games and come out winning 
    My beautiful face and adorable curls
    Will reel you right in that's the way of us girls
    And when I flutter those lashes in a wide-eyed stare,
    It's all calculated to make you care.
    The noises the sigh and the sounds of a coo
    I'll play baby poker and the jackpot is you!
    But whatever the case, I'm always a pleasure
    Because I'm Mommy and Daddy's precious little treasure. 

- Written by Sharon Ingram

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Popular Baby Announcement Ideas

Sending out baby announcements is the perfect way to show off your new little bundle of joy! Your baby has finally arrived - let all of your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers know the big news!

Some cute picture ideas are to take a close-up of just your baby's face, take a picture of his/her feet, or dress them up in a new outfit and take a full picture. Nothing beats outside lighting if it is a sunny day!

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When filling out your birth announcements , in addition to incorporating baby poems, don't forget to include your baby's full name, gender, date and time born, and his/her weight and length.

A cute baby saying is "Our Family Has Grown By Two Feet!" Print announcement information out on decorative paper, add some embellishments (craft stores have darling baby-themed decorations for card making), and you're done! Keep it simple, you've got a baby to take care of!

More Baby Announcement Ideas

Another cute idea is to have custom candy bar wrappers made with all of your baby's birth information on it.

These are adorable and creative! Candy bar wrappers are a timeless baby announcement idea (just like handing real or bubblegum cigars out to celebrate the birth of a baby.)

I passed wrapped Hershey's candy bars out when my first daughter was born (in 1998) and everyone loved them!

Only then they cost 3x times as much to have them custom made as they do today.


A huge new trend in the baby shower world is to wait to have your baby shower until after the baby has arrived.

It is called a "Sip N' See" where guests come to visit the new baby and munch on appetizers and punch.

If you choose to have a sip n' see, the invite can have a picture of the new baby in it and also double as a baby announcement!

Friends and family can drop by throughout the day (or over a few hours) to visit the baby. This is a little more low-key than a full fledged party and less hectic for the baby.

We love this idea! It is also a wonderful way to incorporate the new dad into the "baby shower" experience.

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