Baby Shower Crafts
How To Make Sock Rose Bouquets

Making baby shower crafts and decorations is an affordable way to create an  adorable baby shower! Below are the instructions for making sock rose bouquets and flowers.

Easy, DIY Baby Shower Sock Roses

Items Needed:

  • 6 pairs of pastel baby socks (higher quality socks work best)
  • 12 green pipe cleaners
  • Green floral tape
  • Cute ribbon
picture of baby shower sock roses

Using one sock at a time, roll the sock from toe to top cuff.

Fold the cuff around one half of the rolled sock to form a petal.

Place a pipe cleaner into the bottom of the flower and wrap tightly with floral tape to hold in place (you will have to place the floral tape on the bottom of the sock and wrap around until it holds he pipe cleaner in place.)

Repeat with each sock.

Tie the bouquet together with the cute ribbon.

Lay on tables throughout the room or place in pretty vases.

At the end of the shower you can hand them out as favors, or give to the mom-to-be for her baby sock collection!

  • Cute Idea: To make tulips instead of roses (as pictured above in the bouquet on the right) fold one sock halfway inside out - kind of like the way you fold socks when doing laundry (but only using one sock instead of two) - then add pipe cleaner and wrap in floral tape like you do for the roses.
  • Another cute idea for making baby shower crafts is to make a sock rose corsage by following the same steps except cut the pipe cleaner to make a small stem. Pin on guests as they arrive, or reserve them for the mom-to-be, grandma or an aunt. If it's a couples shower or a baby shower where men will be attending, they can be used as boutineers!
  • Have fresh flowers in vases around the room and on each table
  • Go to your local craft store and purchase a large cardboard letter (either the first letter of baby's name or just the letter B if the baby's name is unknown) - buy several small artificial flower buds and hot glue each one onto the letter. Below is an example of how awesome this can look. You don't need to go this big, small letters would look just as cute! - You can also use fresh flowers if you are brave enough.

picture of baby shower flowers

Simple Baby Shower Crafts

picture of pea in a pod favors